The best Pay-Per-Click Management

Our complete management service will be the best choice if your budget for Google AdWords, Yahoo Gemini, Facebook Ads and/or Bing Ads is more than $1,000 per month. The goal of our service is to save money and time for our clients.

After you decide the Outsearching is the best choice for your business, we need to obtain general information to get started. After this you will get your own personal manager to stay in contact at Outsearching. Before we even start, we will take a first look at your homepage and existing Pay-Per-Click accounts to make it clear what had been done before, speaking about your business and advertising. After that our manager will negotiate a call with you to start the whole process. After doing all this we will have better understanding of purposes and methods to develop the best Pay-Per-Click strategy for you.


Our experienced team brings Pay-Per-Click service to its best. We are really interested to achieve the best result; therefore we are taking time to see the aggregate picture of your business and your aims.

Level 1 – Primary Analysis, Strategy developing and Setup

This level is needed to move forward to active advertising process. Each client requires its own approach when setting up Pay-Per-Click at Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing before first traffic will be created. No matter if you are just starting your advertising campaign or you already have working Pay-Per-Click campaigns, we are going to create the best strategy to move towards your success. Experience and knowledge of our team, understanding of your business and analysis of competitors and industry will ensure the best plan for our work.

We worked hard for years to develop our methods and strategies. Here are some points we are using during this first level of analysis and setup.

  • Obtaining available information about your business regarding to Pay-Per-Click
  • Homepage review and consultations
  • If possible – complete Analysis of previous Pay-Per-Click activities
  • Setting your expectations and goals
  • Developing primary strategy for Pay-Per-Click
  • Creation of campaigns to use all the possibilities being offered by Pay-Per-Click:
  • Search, Display, Remarketing, Product Listing Ads etc.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection
  • Creation and implementation of Comprehensive Negative Keyword List
  • Proper Keyword Categorization, Matching Options and Ad Group
  • Effective Ad Copy – Multiple Ads in one AdGroup for Constant Testing
  • Creation of Budgeting Tools
  • Proper Ad Timing and Geographical Targeting
  • Proper Tracking Code Installation for Google Analytics and Pay-Per-Click Conversion Tracking

After this level is complete, we are ready to start and create new traffic. Our best experience in creation of Pay-Per-Click strategies will ensure a great vision on the data, traffic and results for your investments in Pay-Per-Click advertising. A proper start is the key to success in Pay-Per-Click. With a clear vision of whole data, we are able to react quickly and make efficient changes timely to render a profit.

Level 2 – Ongoing Account Management

After the Level 1 is completed, we are able to start Level 2, launch the accounts and creation of traffic. Pay-Per-Click management is a never-ending process, requiring constant attention. We need to analyse results, develop our strategy, update platforms and make changes all the time. This process never stops unless you are done with advertising. Everything is constantly changing so you have to adapt to these changes very quickly. We are going to undertake these functions and react to all the changes affecting your Pay-Per-Click investments, no matter external or internal. You will receive all the latest information about possibilities, events being performed and results thereof. We will develop our relationship to achieve better results and use the opportunities of mentioned platforms to the maximum.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Special manager to answer your questions, share concerns and ideas
  • Persistent development of Pay-Per-Click Strategy
  • Constant Business & Website Consulting
  • Regular Platform Updates reacting to Ongoing Strategy Changes
  • Continual Keyword Performance Analysis, Additions & Deletions
  • Ongoing Bid & Position Monitoring for best results
  • Permanent Ad Copy Testing and Analysis
  • Ongoing Conversion Tracking Analysis
  • Trademark Infringement Protection
  • Security Monitoring (to prevent fraud or strange events)
  • Permanent work to achieve Higher Conversion Rates, Lower Conversion Costs, Improved Quality Scores and Higher Click Through Rates to Increase Volume and Decrease Expenditures

Why Outsearching?

Some of our services are exclusive; you will not get the benefits of working with Outsearching anywhere else.
Payoff is the value and the main point for clients regarding Pay-Per-Click Management.

Our History

We are doing Pay-Per-Click from the starting point of existence.
Relationships with Pay-Per-Click platforms
We are always fully recognized and supported by all 3 leading platforms.

The Team

Best professionals, proud of our experience and knowledge we are confident of our ability to bring the best service to each of our clients.

Our Business dimension

We are focusing on Pay-Per-Click Management only

Our Mindset

To get acquainted our clients. We are trying to build a relationship of trust with each of our clients to fully understand his business and goals and choose the best Pay-Per-Click practice for everyone.


No BBB complaint ever. Independent third party ranked us No 1 of thousands as “Best PPC Management Company”. No contract, month to month service only, 30 day money-back guarantee for you, testimonials provided upon the request. Just Google the “Outsearching” and see for yourself. We have the best reputation.