About Us


About us

We work professionally with search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. We also work with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter – and other search engines and social media platforms like Baidu, Renren and Sina Weibo.

Search engine and social media marketing should be a central marketing strategy for most merchants, as it is the most effective and profitable type of Internet marketing.

Campaigns demand administration and a great deal of effort and knowledge to be successful. In order to maximize such campaigns, you really need to have the right knowledge, without it you may be spending a lot more money than you make. Knowing your competition is also crucial, as they are often costing you sales and making your campaigns a lot more costly than needed – killing your ROI.

OutSearching has qualified staff, trained and certified SEM experts – with more than 10 years of experience. It is no coincidence that OutSearching is one of the top SEM agencies in Europe. OutSearching acts as exclusive SEM agency for one of the TOP3 Affiliate Networks in Europe – and we are preferred SEM agency for more than 10 TOP Affiliate Networks world-wide. Why? Because we pick up the phone and gives valuable assistance to our clients, and we do most of our campaigns hands-on. No automated processes, bidding engines or submissions. This is also the main reason why OutSearching outperforms most competition.

Together we set the goals for your SEM strategy, evaluate your services/products, your online presence, your website, your competition and your target customers. Every aspect of SEO is analyzed to maximize the PPC-campaigns. OutSearching is devoted to “white-hat”-SEM, ensuring stabile, long-lasting campaigns. The result will be a SEM campaign that will give you the highest ROI possible.


How we work:

OutSearching knows how to generate sales for YOU, because we know the market, the search engine’s algorithms – and your competition! We have also our in-house-developed tools to combat “black-hat” techniques, like cloaking, illegal brandbidding, target-exclusions, re-directs, cookie-dropping etc. OutSearching will monitor your brand better than any brandwatch tool available – free of charge. Why, you may ask? A good brandwatchtool will cost you several thousand USD per month – so why will OutSearching provide this service for free? Well, if we do the SEM for you, it is in our common interest to eliminate scams, brandbidding and so on – so we are happy to monitor your brand, competition and online presence – in addition to your overall SEM performance!

OutSearching is in most cases willing to go down in commission during a trial period – just to prove that we can bring more than just fancy words. With exclusive SEM-contracts for brands like SAS, Blush, Bon-Kredit, Vivus, Modehus and several Italian high-fashion brands (just to mention a few of our more than 200 large clients, and 4000 small) – and not to forget several of the largest and most demanding online game-publishers – you can trust that OutSearching will perform – constantly.

By the way – you will be able to call us anytime for anything regarding PPC and SEO matters – also completely free of charge. Want to improve your meta-content on your website? Need to improve conversions or get input on how to maximize your budget? Want to dramatically reduce costs by increase your SERP ranking? In urgently need of changing your ads, landing-pages – or stop a campaign? Just experienced a dramatic loss of ranking, and cannot figure out why? OutSearching will be available 24/7, guiding you with up-to-date assistance and knowledge.


We are working with the most experienced partners in the world.

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